Who is this guy?

“This guy”, fair reader, is Tony MacKenzie. He blogs. It’s a good time.

When he isn’t blogging, he works for a newspaper and a library and does basically the same thing he does here: finds out about stuff and tells you about it, sometimes with crunchy bits of delightfulness that slip through the filter.

He isn’t a doctor (he did play one once), so when he says to have a Dose of Vitamin T, it should be taken with the same mindset as a glass of warm milk, or Grandma’s chicken soup, or a slug of whiskey: it may not have any medicinal value, but it’s good for what ails you.

2 Responses to Who is this guy?

  1. Judy Gibson says:

    I enjoyed your blogs, Tony…so glad you have a new website and continuing to brighten everyone’s day.

    BTW, happy for you & Emily. ;)

  2. Emily Berger says:

    Dear Tony,
    You need to post more blogs. That is all.

    P.s. I’m happy for you and Emily too ;)

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