What’s probably REALLY going on in “Christmas Shoes”

Have you heard the song “The Christmas Shoes“? Click that link to listen to/watch it, or here’s a synopsis from Wikipedia:

“The narrator is standing in line at a checkout stand for some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, but is not feeling the spirit of the holiday. The customer in front of him is a little boy dressed in worn, old clothes whose only item is a pair of women’s shoes. The boy tells the cashier that he wishes to buy the shoes for his ill mother so that she may look her best when she meets Jesus later that night, because she is dying from cancer. The cashier informs the boy that he does not have enough money to buy the shoes, which prompts the boy ask the narrator for help saying that although his family is too poor to make do with Christmas, his mother still made the best of celebrating it. The narrator pays for the shoes, and as the boy thanks him and walks away, the narrator finally realizes that the little boy helped him understand the true meaning of Christmas.”

There you go. It’s a sad song. There was even a TV movie in 2002 starring RobSex-tape-with-two-women-one-of-whom-is-16Lowe, and if that doesn’t fill you with the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what does.

Nothing says “Christmas” like a ménage à trois
(Chill out, that link goes to Dictionary.com)

And what is the true meaning of Christmas here? That dying people should have shoes? That for Christmas we should buy shoes for dying people? That this kid’s parents have screwed him up so bad that he thinks it’s more important to get his mom a gift than be with her AS SHE’S DYING?

“At least you look fabulous.”

Christmas is about giving. I’m all for that. Awesome. But there need to be priorities here: buying shoes for a cancer patient who’s running out of time is right up there with getting a leather jacket for a starving child so they can look badass when they die.

Much like the appendix…

… or this sign…

… it’s unnecessary.

The starving kid doesn’t need a jacket, he needs food.

The mom doesn’t need shoes, she needs the last thing she sees on this earth to be the face of someone who loves her.

“Have… I told you… you look fabulous?”

But lets take a deeper look at what’s probably really going on.

1. The song says this kid is filthy. I don’t care how poor you are, you can still bathe. This probably means his parents are neglectful and a.) Dad’s probably going to smack him around a bit for being gone when mom died, or b.) Dad’s going to smack him around for stealing some shoes.

I’m not even trying to be funny here; domestic violence is no joke

2. Mom is actually out in the parking lot, looking at her watch impatiently because they’ve got three more malls to hit before sundown.

“Then there’s tourists to rip off down by the docks.”

3. The kid is an urchin who lives on the streets, and he’s looking to hock the shoes from the back of Fagin‘s pickup alongside some stolen or fake Dolce & Gabana bags.

“Of course they’re all real, ma’am.”

In any of these cases, what the guy in the song should have done is call child services, instead of buying shoes for this poor kid.

I’m sorry for the rant, but I hate this freaking song.

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2 Responses to What’s probably REALLY going on in “Christmas Shoes”

  1. Victor says:

    Correct on all the points you made.

  2. Jason says:

    You hate it? Hmph so hard to tell. ;) Actually I think it symbolizes the meaning of Christmas but, more importantly, our message as Christians, namely putting others before ourselves. From the child’s perspective he’s aware they don’t have much and he also knows that his mom is going to die so what can he do? I mean, after all, he’s just a little kid. He does what his mind fathoms as something important, which is trying to help his mom out by looking nice when Jesus comes. He can’t stop her cancer so he at least tries to ‘clean’ her up. Could he have bought a dress instead? Yeah, but, for whatever reason, he thought his mom needed really nice shoes. Maybe because he imagined her walking around with Jesus. Ultimately I think the message of the song is completely obvious to even the most hard hearted….even if you happen to hate the song. :)

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