Something Beautiful: the Fist Bump

This, dear readers, is a fist bump:

Wikipedia describes it thus: “The fist bump (also called fo’ knucks, fist pound, power five, bro fist, knuckle bump, props, or dap) is a gesture similar in meaning to a handshake or high five. A fist bump can also be a symbol of giving respect.”

I respect you, dawg.

I enjoy giving fist bumps. And in lieu of actual content, I just figured I’d post a bunch of pictures of the fist bump in action. I found some famous ones.

Here’s a former President, George H. W. Bush, and tennistarista Anna Kournakova.

It took another former President, George W. Bush, a little longer than his pops to figure it out…

… but he got it eventually.

Here’s the current First Couple, before they actually were the first couple, with the “fist bump heard round the world”. That’s an actual thing. Check it out.

Now, the President can be seen fist bumping all over the place. Soldiers…


Even super heroes.

A little soldier/iraqi child fist bumping…

Two guys from a show I don’t watch…

Some mayor and the Dalai Lama…

Even a website with different ways to fist bump!

There. Never say I never gave you anything.

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