America fights pirates!

Have you guys seen this? Make with the clickity click and check that crap out.

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Not what I meant, but this is what showed up on Google

In case you didn’t clicky click and read that link (shame on you, there’s even a video), it was about those Somali Pirate guys who have been getting headlines recently. What they did a few weeks ago was take over a German ship, and do their usual thing: take hostages, demand ransoms, and sell the stuff, then go home to their Somali babies and wives and do the whole thing again tomorrow.

It’s a living.

EXCEPT that didn’t happen at all because a.) The hostages refused to be taken (way to go guys!) and b.) because the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s Maritime Raid Force with the USS Dubuque were in the area and itchin’ to go!


24 highly trained Marines boarded the ship, something that was made possible by the fact that the “hostages” had locked themselves in a safe room. At the go-ahead on the Secretary of Defense, the Marines boarded and accepted the surrender of the pirates “within minutes” said a Navy spokesman. No shots were fired.

This is the first such action the U.S. has taken in response to these pirates. You know, real pirates, not a 12 year old kid with an Internet connection and a CD burner.

Does this address the greater problem of why these pirates are in existence in the first place? Namely Somalia’s poor economic condition which arguably led these men, with no other options, into the piracy trade?

No. No it doesn’t.

What it does do is just be really freakin’ awesome, because America is again in the pirate-fightin’ business.

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