I’m worried about how much this appeals to me

Tiny houses. The number that’s being tossed around on the websites is $20,000, which means that’s probably lowballing, and others on the page cost around $50,000. What’s amazing is that they can fit in my parent’s garage.

This guy’s name is Jay Schafer, and he’s been living in one of the tiny houses he builds for over a decade. His electric and heating bill’s are around $20 each, I think, and his home is 89-square feet. Others have as much as 800-sq feet, but that’s still pretty tiny in comparison to some of the guys you find in real-estate magazines.

This guy took Thoreau’s “simplify, simplify” and drove past its logical extreme about half a state ago. Still, he’s happy. And he makes some good points.

Click here to see some more pics of the inside of one.

The houses have everything: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms… it’s just some of them pull double, or triple, duty.

I doubt many of these homes have much resale value, but the idea still has it’s appeal: you have what you need. I’m a single guy with a limited income who’s only home to sleep anyway: I might as well have a place that’s mine, instead of paying $blankhundred a month in rent.

This is an idea I’m going to kick around for a bit.

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