And now for something healthy and nutritious

So, there’s this mental block I’ve got to get past that insists to me that everything I post needs to be this big production. That is not the case. So here’s something silly and cool.

Yeah, those are carrots.

Baby Carrots are not in fact “baby carrots”. They’re regular, full-grown carrots cut up into bite-sized portions of carroty goodness. The notion of baby carrots has been around since about the 1980′s, when America’s carrot producers figured they’d cash in on American’s desire to eat the young of other species (examples include veal, eggs, bean sprouts, and baby carrot’s distant cousin, baby corn).

Adorable AND delicious!

It was an unmitigated success, and now the carrot industry earns around $1 billion a year. Unfortunately for carrot farmers, sales have tapered off in the last few years, and they’ve decided to try and update their image.

Holy crap, I want some carrots now

This is brilliant. It’s a “Got Milk” campaign for carrots. It’s literally a “New Look, Same Great Taste” kind of thing, but it’s for something that’s actually good for you. How awesome is that?


They’re putting carrots in vending machines at school, working on commercials, they’ve got a website

And this chick, whoever the crap she is

This whole idea is the kind of tongue-in-cheek that really makes me smile, and the sincerity behind the idea (yeah, it’s a business, but it’s for a product that’s actually good for you) makes that smile all the broader.

Way to go, carrot guys. Way to go.

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