Soooo close they can taste it

These things can never be easy, can they?

The results of last night’s special election instill me with a glimmer of hope for our fair burg: the vote for the school bond issue, while not the landslide “YES!” I was hoping for, was also not the landslide “NO!” of the previous times the bond was on the ballot.

Instead of a 14-or-so percent margin, it’s a margin of about 1.5 percent. It’s still a margin saying “no”, but it’s also not the final word on the subject as not all the votes are in.

There are 136 provisional votes on their way in. The yea’s and nay’s are so close that these provisional votes can tip the scale back to the yea-side. Here’s some math:

2698 votes for (49.27 percent)

2778 votes against (50.73 percent)

Of the available 136 votes left, the yea side needs to get 109 (if my figgerin’ is correct) of those votes to win by a whopping margin of 1 vote.

If that happens, or heck, even if it doesn’t, there will be a recount, which is standard procedure when a vote comes down to a margin of half a percent.

I give you that math to drive my point home: 50 percent (rounding up) of the voting people in Greenville recognize the need for this school and are willing to do something about it. That’s so much better than the last two times we tried. I just hope that when these final votes come in, it’s 51 percent who care… because that’s all that really matters.

Here’s hoping.

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