Mah schedule

Soooo I’m busy. Like, seriously, I’m a busy guy. You have no idea. What did you do today?

Really? Awesome.

Me? Oh, I saved a kitten from a tree…

This one.

… then I delivered a baby in an elevator…

Not this one, but they’re babies and they all look the same so you get the idea.

… and invented the Flux Capacitor, which makes time travel possible.


And that’s why I haven’t been blogging.

Recently found out that once the Great Darke County Fair rolls around, one of my jobs is closed (the theater) and the other can survive without me for a few days, so I’m going on vacation.


There will be hiking and rafting and ziplining and bear-wrestling and I’mma bring a bobcat named Charlie home with me and we’ll be friends forever. That’s my plan.

All of this means: come September, I will be refreshed and reacquainted with my old friend “free time”, so I’ll be refilling the ol’ culture tank so these blogs happen more than once every two weeks. Like, you know, I said wouldn’t happen a few blogs ago.


Stay classy, Earth.

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