Movie Muhfriday: Inception – 9-out-of-10 T’s

This movie is Christopher Nolan’s reward for being awesome. And the best part is we reap many of the benefits. Lemme ‘splain.

Christopher Nolan is the Director of “Inception”. He also directed such Hollywood Blockbusters as, oh, “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”, and something that has a cult following because it’s awesome, “Memento”. These films were admittedly two of the most baddest-assiest things to ever be committed to film ever, and they made Warner Brothers 17-jillion metric crap-loads of money. As a reward for their crap-loads of cash, they were all like, “Sure, Chris, go do something fun before you do Batman 3 and re-reboot the Superman franchise (true story) for us.”

He did good, he earned their trust, he gets the funding to do what he wants. And boyohboy, does he have some fun with it.

Just look at all that fun.

Inception is brilliant. It’s a story with so many freaking layers that if you’re not engaged the entire time you will get lost SO BAD, but it’s so pretty and so much fun that you don’t even mind because you WANT to be involved. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

One of the things I love about this is that I really had no idea what the plot was before I went in, and I’ll do my darnedest not to ruin it for you. The ad-campaign for this film was… not exactly misleading, but it only gave you a taste of what was going to happen. It has to do with dreams, and the people in the movie go into other people’s heads to mess with those dreams and get information.

I can’t… I can’t really straight up review this like I want to, as I have neither the time to do so, or, as stated, the desire to mess with what they’ve done. Let’s just say that this is something you need to see. Probably more than once. And therein lies my single, solitary issue with this film: you need to see it more than once.

The average movie-goer is used to spoon feeding, and here you kind of have to work for what you’re watching. Not that it’s difficult, but there is so much going on that unless you’re some kind of superhuman, you’ll need to see it twice just to process it. I have no problem with that, and I’m totally going to see it again, but I work at a theater so I can do that. Joe Blow on the street probably isn’t going to want to fork over another $10 to see it again, and might leave without completely understanding what he just saw.

This is minor. I don’t mind. But that’s why Nolan hasn’t created a perfect film: you need to see it twice. Again, not that I mind, but average-movie-goer-person might.

If I hadn’t sworn off decimal points, this would be a 9.9-out-of-10. But I did, so it isn’t.

Watch this as soon as possible if you love thinker-movies. I loved this.

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