Of bulbs and explosions

This is a high pressure xenon bulb. It gets crazy bright, and crazy hot. They are what is used in the projector at the movie theater that I manage. These guys don’t just break, they straight up explode. If you are around during the explosion, I hope you enjoy the feeling of glass embedded in your skin.

Last night, one of them blew up.

Not this, but close.

Yesterday, the temperature was rather high, and we don’t have air conditioning in the box office part of the theater. As one of my employees put it, “It’s blazin’.” BLAZIN’ INDEED.

Beginning at 9 a.m., the temperature didn’t drop below 80 degrees Fahrenheit until after 11 p.m. My theory is that the heat of the day slowly destabilized the structural integrity of the xenon bulb, and then the sweet, sweet, red-hot necrophilic obsession that was happening onscreen (we’re playing “Eclipse”) ended up being too much for it, and it asploded.

Poor little guy never stood a chance.

Last night was more exciting than I wanted it to be, but whatevs.

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