Breaking food news!

Whoa, whoa, guys, whoa: This just in.

McDonalds makes you fat.

I know, right? Took me completely by surprise. But out of idle curiosity, I looked up the nutrition information for the breakfast I just had, and I apparently just ate like a third of my daily allotment of calories by scarfing down that bacon, egg & cheese biscuit (delicious) and hashbrown (tastebud nirvana).


That was like 600 calories right there. No wonder my highschool pants don’t fit anymore, and I’m springing for the slacks with the elasticky waistband! I’ve probably eaten enough hashbrowns to force Ireland into a second famine.

I have no idea what I’m going to do to fix this, but something must be done. Not to McDonalds (they’ve done nothing wrong but offer delicious and fatmaking foods at low-ish prices and with astoundingly easy availability), but to me, cause I love my elasticky slacks, but I miss wearing my high school pants.

When Jack Black looks better in stretchy pants than you do,
you know you need to change something.

This probably means I’m going to have to cut down my sleep to 6 hours a night so I can fit some exercise in my day… why didn’t I do it when I had plenty of time, like in college? Or even a few months ago? Graaah.

Stupid tasty food.

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