Hey, look! New money!

Remember when the new $5 bills came out years ago? Well, I do, and I freaked out a little bit. No one explained to me that the U.S. Mint needs to change the money every so often, just like we update our virus software, or get new cars: the old stuff may be falling apart, and who knows where it’s been, honestly?

Now, I love it when new money designs come out. I think it’s those artistic sensibilities they pounded into my head at art school: I examine every new design I find, and judge it mercilessly. I had a heyday when I went to Canada last spring break, just looking at the money for extended periods of time… unfortunately, that was the best part of my Canada trip, the rest of which is a tale for another time.

The U.S. Mint has just announced that they’re following up their hugely successful (their words) 50 state-series with a National Parks series, and they released the designs for the first 5 quarters, which will be coming out this year. I especially like Yellowstone.

I like coins. For about a year, I’ve toyed with learning some coin magic, but my big stupid fingers make it difficult. Still, the idea that, using nothing but a coin and some slight of hand, you can entertain people really appeals to me. So, when I hear about stuff like this, that new coins are coming out, I just dig it for some reason.

They’ll be issuing 56 coins at a rate of 5 a year, which means there’s one year in there that’ll be 4 coins short, I guess, but they’ll be done in 2021. Give that pic a click: there are some pretty neat designs.

Also, here’s a new penny, too.

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