Movie Monday 8: She’s Out of My League – 7-out-of-10 T’s

I wanted no drama this weekend: just to go out and have a laugh with some buddehs. So, instead of watching “The Green Zone” ( A.K.A. “The Bourne-Not Realicy: We swear it’s not another Bourne Movie, honest”), we saw “She’s Out of My League” which seems to have an actual message mixed in with it’s obligatory penis jokes. And that’s how I like my penis-jokes: with morals.

Jay Baruchel, who you’ve seen if you’ve seen a movie in the last few years, plays the film’s hero: a slacker with a crappy family who knows he’s nothing special when it comes to the dating game: he is ruled a “5″ on the attractiveness scale. His last girlfriend happened a few years ago, but even though they’re no longer together, she still hangs out with his family, with her new boyfriend. Awkward.

That pretty much sums Baruchel up: he does awkward better than anyone I’ve seen in a while, but he does it in a way that makes me laugh instead of get awkward myself and want to leave the room. None of that here.

So, along comes this girl, played by the British Aphrodite, Alice Eve, which is probably the most accurate name for a woman since forever. Seriously. She’s scrumptious. Methinks I have a fallen in the loves. (I can’t even write good because of her. Bah.)

She falls for him because… well, not even she can explain it. It’s partially because she’s tired of getting hurt by guys that are most decidedly not Baruchel, and partially because he makes her laugh, and because he just seems like a good guy. That doesn’t make sense to anyone, naturally, least of all either of their friends. And here we get into, arguably, the best parts of the movie: the friends.

Baruchel’s posse are the best group of comedians I’ve seen on screen since the crew from “Anchorman”, only instead of spouting absurdity, they seem to just talk like normal guys. Only funnier.

You know how this movie ends. It has a happy ending, which absolutely has to happen if I’m going to fork over $7.25 to watch a movie, and I’m okay with that. I’m just saying, it ends like you want it too.

There is one scene… holy crap. I laughed very hard. Like, seriously. It has to do with grooming, and we’ll just go ahead and say that, in this movie, Jay Baruchel has better friends than I’ve ever had.

This isn’t a bad film. It doesn’t hit the glorious, hilarious highs of, say, “The Hangover”, but, as my buddy Tyler said as we left the theater: “That was probably the best chick-flick I’ve ever seen.” I wouldn’t classify this as a chick flick, but it had that vibe sometimes, and I didn’t mind. I didn’t leave disappointed.

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