Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

… doesn’t happen until Dec. 8, but I’ve fallen in love with the idea, so I will share it with my portion of the interwebs.

The Goal: to pretend to be a time traveler. Examples are thus:

1. Utopian/Cliche Future: Everything is hunky-dory in the future. We have flying cars, the world is at peace, we all wear silver jumpsuits and vacation on Mars. Payphones are beyond comprehension, and we chuckle knowingly at microwaves and cell phones.

2. Dystopian Future: The future in Terminator, or 12 Monkeys, or Mad Max: everyone has battle armor and trench coats, possibly visors, things like that. You can go several ways with this:
a.) escaped prisoner from the future, with a shaved head and barcode tattoo, wandering around like you’ve never seen the sky before
b.) spraypainted football pads and tattered trench coat, looking at headlines in bewilderment, or falling in front of statues (any statue) to your knees and shouting “NOOOOO” to the heavens
c.) wearing modern clothing wrong, like you’ve never done it before (backwards, inside out, buttoned improperly), and carrying a trinket around with a note with a phone number on it: walk up to a stranger, hand them the trinket and note and whisper “Call this number in 30 years: you’ll know what to do”

3. The Past: this means just walking around in period clothing, like the old west, or Elizabethan times and talking funny, or wearing rabbit skins and running away from cars

4. Any combination of the above. The point is to make people wonder: “What just happened?”

I want to do this so bad, you have no idea.

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