Movie Monday 6: Cop Out – 2-out-of-5 T’s

This was the first time Kevin Smith directed a film he hadn’t written himself. I say “film” because he directed the pilot episode of the now-canceled CW series, “Reaper”, which he said was a horrible experience and he’d never do it again. I guess he was talking about TV, not directing other people’s scripts in general.

There were funny parts. Lots of them, actually; several little skits throughout the entire film that, individually, were hilarious, and will provide the next generation of college-going partier’s plenty of quotes to laugh at drunkenly (I mean that with the utmost respect: I’ve done my share of quoting when the time seemed right) for years to come, but this was not, at the end of the day, a good movie.

It lacked… coherence. The overlying plot, of Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan trying to hunt down a crazy valuable baseball card so Bruce can pay for his daughter’s wedding, reminds me of that quote by Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings: “I feel thin… like butter spread over too much bread.”

That’s what this movie felt like. A bunch of skits, with Morgan playing bag-tag with a 10-year-old, or Willis being… well, actually, Willis played the straight man for most of the film. Morgan did his “antics” and Bruce backed him up. Anyway, a bunch of skits, thinly tied together with a little bit of plot.

The easy thing to do here would be to make the obvious joke, calling this film a “Cop Out”, but I don’t think that’s fair. I laughed. It was worth admission for that, I guess. I wish that the studios would have backed off and just let Smith make the film he wanted to make, which, if the original title is anything to go by (“A Couple of Dicks”) would have been typical Smith-fair, and therefor gloriously hilarious.

But they didn’t, and it wasn’t. This is a rental, guys. Watch it with friends, though, with lots of pizza, and if you’re over 21 and into that sort of thing, some beer. It will probably be much better, and a way to spend a Friday night.

The one thing, or person, that I loved unconditionally throughout the film was Sean William Scott, the guy from the trailer who asks the “Knock-knock” joke. He was great. Everything he did was hilarious. He and Smith are teaming up for their next movie, a hockey film called “Hit Somebody” which is based off a song. I hope that’s good, because I would love to see what those two can do together for a whole film.

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