Partycrashing the White House

Have you heard of these morons? The husband has very successfully run his family’s winery into the ground, and the wife is a “self-proclaimed” model. (What the crap does that even mean? I’ll tell you what it means: she’s a liar. She sent pictures of herself to a magazine and claimed to be a former “Miss USA”. Then she went and signed up for an alumni function for former Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, even though she wasn’t one, and performed at a game. Go big or go home, right?)
In 2009, these guys crashed a party… at the White House. But it wasn’t their first one, oooooh no. They crashed President Obama’s inauguration with a forged car pass, they crashed a dinner for the Congressional Black Caucus (African-American’s in Congress in a club that doesn’t allow white members to join) before being asked to leave. They’re also terrible tippers and don’t pay their bills, preferring to spa-n-dash.
They’re apparently on a quest to become famous. Well, it’s working, but not the way I think they hoped: they’ve been brought before Congress to answer a few questions, most prominent being “How the crap did you get past security?” They are Pleading the Fifth all the way across the board.
I was unsure how to react to these two… people. On one hand, they disgust me. Read a little bit about their history, and you’ll start to pick up on why. On the other hand… you’d need a forklift to pick up the cajones on this couple.
It’s like they think they’re on Candid Camera 24/7. “Let’s see how these people react to us just showing up at THE WHITE HOUSE!” “Whelp, we’ve just bought a $6,000 wedding dress, let’s not pay and see what happens!” “Oh, I was only supposed to shake hands with Prince Charles instead of ambushing him with a bottle of my company’s wine? Whooops!”
Seriously. If they weren’t such all around failures at… I dunno, life? Yeah, we’ll go with “failures at life”, then their story would kind of read like “Forrest Gump”. They’ve been everywhere, done everything, and you don’t even know it until they’re sucking you in to some new lie.
I’ll let the politicians be mad. Well, them, and the Secret Service, and the foreign dignitaries at the White House party, and the people they aren’t paying for goods and services rendered.
Me? I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the show.

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