Did you know we launch about one rocket a week?

That’s how far we’ve come. 49 years ago, Yuri Gagarin, a cosmonaut, became the first human to enter outer space. A mere eight years later, we put a man on the Moon. EIGHT YEARS. And my cell phone is smarter than most of the equipment they used to achieve that (plus, it plays Tetris).
Sometimes, I worry about us. “Us” being humanity. When I read about genocides and murders and suicides and rapists, I just want to shake these people and yell at them, “HEY! What are you doing? We’ve been to the Moon, and you’re killing this guy because he’s the wrong color? You care so little about your fellow man that you’d rape this person just because you can? You want to end your life when we’re capable of such amazing feats as launching someone to a rock 238 thousand miles away, and then bring them back? Look what we can do! Look what you can be a part of, if you’d just look past yourself.” And I’m simultaneously discouraged and overjoyed.
We are capable of so much, good and bad.
And you’re a part of it. So am I. I’m all about tooting our own horn here, because sometimes, we deserve it. Go someplace that was impossible to travel to only 50 years ago about once a week now. Think about what we’ll do in the next 50.
I get the shivers just thinking about it.

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