When I was in college, this family pretty much adopted me. I was 100 miles from home (which isn’t actually very far but it felt like forever) and my first winter in Columbus I was introduced by a friend to one of his friends who invited me to her family’s church and then lunch and one thing led to another and I ended up going to their New Year’s Party.

Good times.

They’re a big family, weighing in at 8 members (mine is only 5), and they were exactly what I needed. Church and lunch and lazy sundays and bowling and bad movies and birthday parties and inside jokes… it was awesome. It still is awesome.

So, tomorrow night, I will be making the short drive to Columbus to see these people who I love only a little bit less than my real flesh-and-blood family for their annual New Year’s Party, and it’s gonna be a blast.

Except there’s a talent show and a dress code. Balls.

Ah, whatever. It’s all in fun.


What are you doing to usher in 2011?

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One Response to WOO! NEW YEARS!

  1. Victor says:

    I’m going to spend some time with some good friends, have some fun with my family and, the most important part of all work on becoming a bigger nerd. happy new years to all and to all a good hangover.

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