Of generous hackers and unexpected riches

So, I’m a player of World of Warcraft (or “WoW”, as the kids call it). I enjoy it.

Pictured: a good time.

Unfortunately, I enjoy it so much, I’m a little bit addicted. Not “cocaine” addicted, not “neglect my bodily functions until I die” addicted, but it’s the only way I can get together with my college friends across the country on a regular basis. I miss my friends. So, we get together on WoW and kill stuff.

Beautiful, beautiful computer murder.

The downside of WoW is, of course, that it’s time consuming. I don’t have a bunch of free time as it is, and there are definitely more constructive uses of the time I do have. So, a few weeks ago, I actually made the decision to quit for a while. This is not a new thing: I quit all the time.


This time, I actually told my friends that I was taking a break because my subscription was up. That means I can’t play unless I decide to pay for the service again. The subscription was up a few weeks ago.

Well, Sunday morning, I get a text from one of those roommates saying, basically, that I was a total liar and that they just saw me come online.

At the time, I had been in church for about an hour. Hmm.

A conundrum, this.

The next time I get online, I discover that someone with a Chinese I.P address had accessed my Gmail account. Upon doing further research, I find that my WoW account is mysteriously active, even though, as I said, my sub was up.

The first thing I did was change all my passwords. This should keep the fellow out. Next, I log on to WoW and check for damage to my characters.

Well… that’s odd.

No damage. In fact… things are better than when I left. The hacker did a little house cleaning (he deleted one of my older characters, but I never used that guy anyway), and in the meantime he’s been leveling up one of my guys. That character is like 20 levels higher than the last time I checked, all of his equipment is better, and he’s got twice as much in-game money as all of my characters have ever had, combined.


It’s… it’s beautiful.

He’s been all over the WoW Auction House. Lemme ‘splain: when you find stuff in game, like a particular type of ore that’s a little tough to come by. Or, say, not even something difficult to come by, just time consuming to collect. You can take it to the Auction House, slap a ridiculous price tag on it, and people of higher levels who have more money than patience will totally pay for it.

When I logged on, he had over 100 auctions open, each at completely exorbitant prices, and PEOPLE ARE PAYING FOR IT.

Let me sum up:

  1. I was hacked.
  2. The hacker cleaned my space.
  3. The hacker leveled me up.
  4. The hacker upgraded my equipment.
  5. The hacker started a business.
  6. He’s doing very well for himself.
  7. Then I come along, take all my stuff back which is now in better condition than when I left it, with more in-game money than I’ve ever seen, I have a free month of playable time, and I lock him out.

I almost feel kind of bad. This guy was working really hard, and he treated my characters better than I have in a couple of years. I can’t understand why he wasn’t, y’know, doing all of this on one of his own characters, cause here I come and steal all of his stuff that is actually my stuff but better.

It’s a tough thing to wrap your head around. If I had any idea who this guy was, I’d probably send him a card or something.

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2 Responses to Of generous hackers and unexpected riches

  1. Josh says:

    Well, you did it and did it right, Tony. Even though I have a healthy hatred for Chinese script kiddies, you seem to have worked it in your favor.

    Good job.

  2. Adam Jones says:

    When you do get to that hacker let me know and I will see if he can hack my account to.

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