Almost immediately after I blogged about my lack-of-roomie status, a friend called me:

“You still looking for a place?” he asked.

“Why, indeed I am, sirrah,” sez I.

“I’mma give this guy your number,” he says by way of response and promptly hung up.*

So, the guy called me, we put together a time when I could show up and see the place, and then I showed up and saw the place.

I pooped.**

This was back in January. There was still a tenant living there, and she was supposed to be out by the end of that month. Apparently, the owner of the truck she was going to use to get her bigger items backed out at the last minute, so she was going to need a few more days before she could get out.

We were then hit with Icepocalypse 2011.


The landlord has been a peach this whole time. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place: he wants me to get in, but she’s still got her crap in there. He’s not gonna toss her stuff out on the street, but I also gave him the first month’s rent AND the deposit. He wants to clean the place out and fix some things, but he can’t do that when her crap is there. So, basically, her deposit is paying the first half of this months rent, and I get a discount next month. I’m cool with that, and my current landlords*** have agreed to float me for a few days. They’re cool like that.

Here’s the suck: as Icepocalypse 2011 was on its way in, my landlords figured it would be a good idea if I packed up before the electricity went out and the sump pump stopped working and the basement flooded and soaked all my crap. Good advice.

Electricity stayed up >>> the sump pump didn’t go out >>> basement didn’t flood = yaaaay!

Stuff packed up >>> no place to move it to >>> it’s been sitting in the living room for nearly 2 weeks = oh noooooes! (On the plus side, Abbey had no place to watch TV so she did all her homework. I feel less bad.)

But now… now, that girl’s crap is gone. The locks have been changed. The apartment is clean. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go.

I have a Key. 


From the Green-ville in the Darke County, forged in the fires of Ace Hardware, the Dark Landlord Michael forged, in secret, a master key to control all others. And into this key he poured all his hopes, his good wishes and his will to have a tenant that isn’t a total slacker.

That’s the courthouse on the left, and Ace Hardware
on the right. My place is a little lefter than
the courthouse.

One Key to rule them all, One Key to find them,
One Key to bring them all and in the Darke-ness, open my apartment…
in the Land of Greenville where the Tonys lie. 

I can start moving in tonight. I’m friggin’ psyched. There will be pics of the apartment before and after I start moving my crap in. 

*This account has been summarized for brevity’s sake. 

**Not at that moment, but I was very impressed with the apartment.

***Read: Mom’n’Dad. Love you!

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