My further delves into social media

I would like to draw your attention to the right side of this page. You will notice two new additions:

1.) “Subscribe to get email updates!”

Are you afraid that you may miss my infrequent updates? When they finally happen, you can allay those well-grounded fears by signing up to get email updates as soon as I hit “Publish”. You will find an email, lovingly crafted and made just for you, inside your inbox almost instantaneously. But hey, don’t take my word for it!

“The email notification system has really changed my life! Before I would have to check 10 to 12 times a day hoping, nay praying, that there would be a new post of hilarious goodness spewed from Vitamin T. Now, my handy dandy email alerts me immediately and even conveniently posts the link in the email for me to clickity-click. Awesome!!! Truly technology has come thru once again and delivered greatness. Thank you internet but, more importantly, thank you Tony MacKenzie.” - Jason from Ohio

You’re welcome Jason. You’re welcome.

You have my word as a Tony (stronger than adamantium, tastes like fresh cookies) that your information will be kept safe, and I will never send you the spams.

Sign up today!

2.) “Yes, I twit.”

I have joined the Twitter. I’ve started following celebrities and friends, but I, of course, need more. If you twit as well, holler @me and we shall twit… together.


I am also on the Facebooks, but that’s nothing new. I’ll post more if I ever get on, I dunno, mySpace again.

HAH! Heh… mySpace.


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