Movie Muhfriday – Thor – 9-out-of-10 T’s

Oh, hey, look: a blog! It’s kind of dusty in here.

So I went and saw Thor last night. It was a midnight show in Huber Heights. Aside from three things that made the night a little less than 100% awesome. Here they are:

1. It was a midnight show.

I’m not in college anymore. I’m only 24 years old, and I feel like an old man because the thought of a midnight show immediately makes me think about how I’ve got to be to work at 9 a.m.

I never worried about that in college.

I went anyway. I am now quite sleepy.

2. It was in Huber Heights.

I don’t like the Huber Heights. It’s a 45 minute drive, and while the place is big (really, it’s quite a nice theater), the difference between “big enough” and “really frackin’ huge” surpasses my curve of diminishing returns. “Big enough” would have been… big enough.

I only went to Huber because of the people I was going with, and we had a good time… but we didn’t get back until 3 a.m. and I wasn’t twice as blown away just because the theater was twice as big.

3. Tickets were $14.

THAT’S RETARDED. I’mma tell you right now, you don’t need to see Thor in 3D. It’s not a bad transfer: it’s actually quite good. It’s just unnecessary, like Smell-o-Vision. And you know what else is unnecessary? The $7 extra that I paid to see it in 3D in an overpriced theater. (Jason, I’m looking at you: we’re going to see the next movie in Piqua. DEAD SERIOUS.)

Now, about the movie:

Everything works. I loved it. I may do a more in-depth review when I have the time, but for now, just know that I enjoyed the film very much, and I think that you will too. You don’t need to like comics to like this film, but if you’re a fan of Thor-the-superhero, you’re going to see some things in this movie that strike your fanboy-bone at just the right angle.

The actors were excellent. I was a little worried about some of the choices going in, but those fears have been put to rest. Aside from Kat Dennings’ character (who was technically pointless, but a harmless addition whose presence didn’t detract from the film) and a bit of a nod to the Avengers with a character who was totally shoe-horned in (again, harmless, but you can tell they added that bit later on in production), this was a great movie.

It’s a little short on eye candy for the guys,
but there’s plenty of stuff like this for the ladies.

It was fun. Something that these movies should always be.

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