Who put this blog here? -or- Nothing happens, and I write about it

Well folks, you may have noticed (or, if you didn’t, that’s cool too; I’ll just go cry for a bit) that I haven’t blogged for a couple-few weeks.

The reason why is quite simple: I’ve been bored. When it feels like nothing is happening, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of not writing about the nothing that’s going on.

This update has not been prompted by a change in that status quo. Nothing is continuing to go on. But I’ve recently subscribed to this website, and one of their posts talked about starting a journal. A blog is nothing if not a journal, and by thunder I’mma keep writing in mine for no reason other than I want to leave some mark on this world, even if that mark is made with electrons on the Intardwebs.

Pictured: The Internet and My Place in it

I fear that might have come across as depressing, which was not my intention. Oh well. It doesn’t stop there, so if you find yourself brought down by my melancholic ramblin’s, feel free to skip to the numbered list further down the page.

I have a new second job. My hope upon leaving the paper and going to the Library full time was that I might finally be able to be a one-job man, but some… miscalculation regarding my budget has prompted me to expand my list of “Things Tony’s Been Paid To Do” yet again.

The most recent addition? Hotel-desk Guy. (I went to Facebook and offered my services as a mercenary, but no one took me up on it.)

What annoys me the most, I think, is that I have yet to find something to do that I can stick to, apply myself, and advance at. There was no room for advancement at the paper, the library is charming and engaging but small and has the same problem, and the hotel… it pays the bills, but I don’t see myself there for any substantial length of time.

And they all share a fatal flaw: they’re in Ohio.

This state has been good to me (or, more aptly, it hasn’t been bad to me; they don’t mean the same thing) and I thank it for that… but I don’t want to be here. It’s an odd feeling. Were I doing what I am doing anywhere else (as long as there isn’t corn within 50 miles), I can’t help but feel that I’d be more content… but I’m not. I’m here. And it’s frustrating.

Anyway. Look! A numbered list!

My life right now:

1. Going to the Renaissance Festival this weekend with some friends; I’ll tell you all about it. I shall be bekilted for the duration, which is always a good time.
2. I’m finding the urge to do something silly, mostly involving the desks at my places of employment and whether or not I can jump over them, ever present in my mind.


3. I recently changed the oil on my motorcycle: Invigorating. Along those lines, it’s getting chillier, but I still ride it the 11 miles to work everyday, and I enjoy it emmensely. My blinkers don’t work, and I need to find out why and fix it before I can take my license exam.
4. My sister is in college, my brother in training to be an Army Ranger, my mother got a promotion, and my father is finally back where he feels comfortable. My chest bursts with pride for each of them.

This, but picture “familial pride” instead of “maneating xenomorph”.
Also: Legos are adorable.

5. I need a haircut.

That’s all for right now. I’ll make no promise regarding regular updates in the future; that never seems to work out. What I WILL do is promise that they’ll be a little less Debbie-Downer.

Also, inexplicably, I just thought of some titles for a trilogy of (possibly racially-insensitive) movies surrounding a Scottish Protagonist (Scotsploitation?):

1. Kill or be Kilt
2. Getting Plaid
3. Loch and Load

No idea where that came from.

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