I’ve never been that soggy

I’ve told you guys previously that I have a motorcycle now. It gets better gas mileage than my car: not great gas mileage, but I’m saving money. <<<Very important. Thus, I drive it as often as possible. That includes yesterday.

10 minutes before I got off work, it started to rain.

You can see where this is going.

There’s this one family left in the library, and they didn’t realize the rain had started. As they’re leaving, this little boy lets loose a wail, so full of dispair that was so palpable you could have added carbonation, bottled it, and sold it to emo kids at Hot Topic right next to the Mario mints and belt buckles that sort of look like brass knuckles.

Emo kids are easy to make fun of, is what I’m saying.

So, I get all ready to go. Helmet on, iPod pumped, Green Lantern underjacket (for keeping warm), motorcycle overjacket (for keeping my skin should I take a tumble), satchel, helmet… I’m set to roll.

And the sprinkle turns into a deluge.

Oh, poo; and here’s me without my ark.

I’ve ridden in the rain before, or, more accurately, it’s started to rain as I rode. Between my point of origin and my destination, it’s sprinkled. I got wet, but the wind dried me off before I arrived. No such luck here: through the layers of padding in my overcoat, the insulation of my undercoat, and the t-shirt and wifebeater, I got soggy.

And I was not amused.

Oh well. I got home, got dry, made a sangwich and had some friends over. But the moral here is that I need to get some waterproof crap, and stat. 

HAH! I am now immune to your water, Sky!
Looking like an X-Man is just a bonus.


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