I should probably get that looked at

Quick story today, folks:

Ever since I bought my bike (yes, this is another motorcycle story, sorry), the blinkers haven’t worked. I’ve been using my hands to signal where I’m going to be turning, and since I’m not dead, it’s worked out great so far.

Can’t argue with results

So imagine my surprise when, after three months of not giving me so much as a flicker, my blinker comes on as I start the thing this morning.

Hey who now?

It’s intermittent: it goes in and out, and the entire ride to work this morning was full of all kinds of blinker-action that I didn’t follow up on, but there was pretty much no one on the road but me so it’s okay.

I’d thought the problem might have been a blown bulb, something easily fixable, but this leads me to believe there’s something wrong with the switch or the wiring…

And I don’t think I’m wire-savvy enough to figure that out

In other news, I’m getting a haircut today. Woo!


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