Possibly the greatest children’s book series ever

Let me lay this out for you; set the scene, if you will.

So here’s me, stacking books, minding my own business, when I see yet another book. Not a momentous occasion, since it’s, you know, a library, but this book had a monkey on the cover.

“Heh,” I thought. “Monkey.” Then I read the title.

Monkey with a Tool Belt and The Noisy Problem.

My brain asploded, and I’ll tell you why: because it said “and”. That means it’s part of a series. The aforementioned asplosion was brought on by the thought of all the books that could possibly be in this series. It’s literally endless. Here’s a couple, just for example:

Monkey with a Toolbelt Solves World Hunger;

Monkey with a Toolbelt and the Carnivorous Robots of Planet X;

Monkey with a Toolbelt and the Werewolf Women of the SS (yes, I stole that from Rob Zombie);

Monkey with a Toolbelt versus Hedgehog with the Magic Multitool.

You see where I’m going with this? I see a line of books ranging from Pre-K to adult fiction, AND I WOULD READ EVERY ONE.

Unfortunately, there are only two books out in the series: Monkey with a Toolbelt

… and Monkey with a Toolbelt and The Noisy Problem. But the sheer potential of this series… it boggles my mind.


As an aside, I’m probably going to draw a few of those covers. They’re too awesome sounding not to. I doubt I’ll try to stick to the style, though: that looks a little rough.

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2 Responses to Possibly the greatest children’s book series ever

  1. Victor says:

    You always find the best in everything. Now I want to read these just because!

  2. Bruce says:

    …and Monkey with a Tool Belt #3 is going to be published soon!

    Chris Monroe has a Facebook fan club–please join if you’re interested in news on her career:

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