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Disney just bought a galaxy far, far away

Go to any geek blog and somebody will be dropping their 2-cents on this, and I am no exception: Disney just bought Lucasfilm, the studio that made such blockbuster films as the Star Wars Trilogy (THERE WAS ONLY ONE TRILOGY, SHUT UP) … Continue reading

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My First 5K -or- Further Proof That I Am Not Made of Glass

About nine weeks ago at the beginning of summer, this was brought to my attention: The Apache Troop Gauntlet, sponsored by The Matt Light Foundation (for those of you not from the Greenville area, Matt Light is a local muckity-muck who’s … Continue reading

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Just stargazin’

Every year we do a summer reading club at the library, and this year’s theme is: I didn’t do this art; you can tell because it, you know, exists. *sad trombone* It’s kind of a mishmash of dreams (the kind that … Continue reading

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2012 got much better!

I’ve had a busy couple of months. Let me condense and synopsize: Got my car back and it’s been running great (until Monday); landlord fixed my heating (yay!); I lost 25 pounds (I’m wearing a pants size and t-shirts that … Continue reading

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2012: My first 36 hours

 Oh, look, a blog. I don’t complain. It’s not a thing I enjoy doing or hearing other people do, which I think makes me rather an unsupportive listener. “Quit complaining, whiney-face” is an actual thing that I say in my … Continue reading

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If I should fall before the dawn

The town where I am located is about to be hit with a bout of apparently apocalyptic weather. Therefore, I will take the most logical course of action to save my hometown: chaining myself to one of those spikes that … Continue reading

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And now I look like a beluga whale

It happens to every guy: you’ve spent months cultivating an entire face-full of beard, and something comes along that makes you feel you should get rid of it. A wedding, or warm weather, or even just the inexplicable notion that … Continue reading

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Movember -or- With Great Moustache…

What is Movember, you ask? Well, here’s an explanation from the organization’s website: About The Campaign During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their … Continue reading

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I should probably get that looked at

Quick story today, folks: Ever since I bought my bike (yes, this is another motorcycle story, sorry), the blinkers haven’t worked. I’ve been using my hands to signal where I’m going to be turning, and since I’m not dead, it’s … Continue reading

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I’ve never been that soggy

I’ve told you guys previously that I have a motorcycle now. It gets better gas mileage than my car: not great gas mileage, but I’m saving money. <<<Very important. Thus, I drive it as often as possible. That includes yesterday. … Continue reading

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