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Movie Muhfriday – The Social Network – 9-out-of-10 T’s

Snarky Title – Facebook: Origins For those who don’t know the plot of TSN (my handy abbreviation), my snarky title pretty much sums it up: It’s a movie about the beginnings of the Internet Phenomenon known as Facebook. I don’t … Continue reading

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Movie Grading Scale REVISITED

I’ve decided to view my grading scale as something that is constantly evolving. The finished product will always be in the header, and will remain on the BLANK-out-of-10 scale, but how it gets to that scale needs to be something … Continue reading

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Teen Paranormal Romance

Yes, this is my first post on my new website, but rather than waste it on how awesome it is that I have my own name in the browser bar, I’m just gonna hop right in. Backstory: I’m on vacation … Continue reading

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I like it with a hint of something impossible

When it comes to entertainment, I need mine with a little extra “oomph“. That “oomph” can come in many forms, but it needs to be present. It’s like salt on a steak, or a dash of cinnamon on your french … Continue reading

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Tony goes to the Ren Fest!

I love the Renaissance Festival. And since you’re here reading this, you probably care about “why” I love the Ren Fest, so I’ll tell you. I love the food I love games I love the people in costume And, of … Continue reading

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