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When I was in college, this family pretty much adopted me. I was 100 miles from home (which isn’t actually very far but it felt like forever) and my first winter in Columbus I was introduced by a friend to … Continue reading

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I almost had to quit my job today

So who out there is familiar with the Theory of Infinite Universes? Show of hands? Okay, some of you are familiar with it, and some of you aren’t. That’s fine, we’ll catch you up right now: I think this picture … Continue reading

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Engineering our own destruction, pt. 2

Here at Your Daily Dose of Vitamin T, we (and by that I mean “I”) care greatly about the human race. Some (meaning “one”) of our (meaning “my”) previous posts dealt specifically with the way we’re being completely moronic and … Continue reading

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Guy’s night

Saturday, my brother and I decided to go out and have a bro’s night. The night was filled with cheap booze, fast action and even faster women. … nah, I’m just jerkin’ yer chain. We went out, had some steak … Continue reading

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What’s probably REALLY going on in “Christmas Shoes”

Have you heard the song “The Christmas Shoes“? Click that link to listen to/watch it, or here’s a synopsis from Wikipedia: “The narrator is standing in line at a checkout stand for some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, but … Continue reading

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I got a massage today

I’ve been hesitant to do so in the past: you’ll see the booths at health fairs, conventions, I even saw one at a flea market once (it looked… shady), and every time I’ve thought, “Man, that would probably feel great.” … Continue reading

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Tony’s Life Goals: A List

My list of Goals for Life is broken up into three sections: Probable, Possible, and Unlikely. Here are some examples (it starts off kind of sappy, and gets better):  Probable: Pay off my school loans Figure out what I want … Continue reading

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You see this stick? The short end is mine.

I got into a mock-argument with my Library-Boss the other day. It was on Facebook. Here’s the cut’n’paste: Actually, never mind, it’s like half a page of talk. I’m extremely verbose when I get a little oxygen in me. (Which … Continue reading

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Dora the Explorer is strangely engaging

Remember that cousin I mentioned a while back, the one who was tickled so hard she peed? Well, I babysat her a few days ago, and we had a great time. Mostly, she just wanted me to lie down and … Continue reading

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A Letter to my PJ Pants

Dear Pajama Pants, I love you. Oh, how I love you. On my list of things that I love, you’re right below “my family” and right above “bacon”. Better than bacon We’ve known each other for about… what, five years … Continue reading

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