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Another letter to my subconscious: the Followup

(Quick note: I like doing these letters. It’s a quick and easy way to talk about what I’m thinking, and clue you guys in. And they’re entertaining! I’ll just try not to over-do it. Thanks.) Dearest Subconscious; Yes. After my … Continue reading

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Reasons I love my job, Pt. 1 -or- Letters to Myself

What follows is the first part of a series of why my job is cool. This is less of an “In your face, my job is cooler than yours” than it is a way for me to remind myself how … Continue reading

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Wanted: Awesome Roomie

I hate house hunting. It’s terrible. I’m not even looking for a house: I’m looking for an apartment, but every single apartment around Greenville seems to be a single bedroom crap-hole with a ridonkulous price tag, or a really nice … Continue reading

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Of generous hackers and unexpected riches

So, I’m a player of World of Warcraft (or “WoW”, as the kids call it). I enjoy it. Pictured: a good time. Unfortunately, I enjoy it so much, I’m a little bit addicted. Not “cocaine” addicted, not “neglect my bodily … Continue reading

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Tell me this isn’t the most epic picture you’ve ever seen

This is an excellent example of a whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts. Here’s the picture: BAM! It’s called “The Bard”, and it was painted by John Martin in 1817; it was based on a poem by … Continue reading

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