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My further delves into social media

I would like to draw your attention to the right side of this page. You will notice two new additions: 1.) “Subscribe to get email updates!” Are you afraid that you may miss my infrequent updates? When they finally happen, … Continue reading

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Where’s the line? -or- I hope they don’t think I’m a douche

I like to consider myself a good customer. I’ve been in the service industry in the past: I worked as both a server and a grill cook at BD’s Mongolian Grill in Columbus when I was in college; I’ve bussed … Continue reading

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 Almost immediately after I blogged about my lack-of-roomie status, a friend called me: “You still looking for a place?” he asked. “Why, indeed I am, sirrah,” sez I. “I’mma give this guy your number,” he says by way of response … Continue reading

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Well, that was disappointing

Yet again, the City of Greenville has done something that I’m having trouble coming to grips with. BACKGROUND: For the last… I dunno, forever, the City Council has been considering an ordinance that increases the “buffer zone” around places where … Continue reading

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